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Yves Gladu

French photographer from Brittany and in love with his region, Yves Gladu has been working since thirty years as a photographer and underwater cameraman; he is always at the profession. He focuses on each topic he makes a journalistic appreciation. He looks for unusual and unexpected aspects of underwater world.
using high quality equipment.

Animal photographer, but also working about current events, he particularly pays attention to his region: he especially achieved a long and exacting task on the wreck of the Amoco Cadiz: he followed for 20 years the evolution of the wreckage. He also worked on the damages caused in 2001 by the Erika's disaster.

Since the beginning of his career, Yves Gladu participated to good number of submarine adventures: from Atlantic fauna to legendary wreckages, while passing by amphibious crafts for the maddest explorations, or the marine mammals, the wealth of his collection takes us throughout all submarine epics: he is passionately fond of everything about ocean’s life, and about men who risk their life in this underwater world.


Commercial diver INPP School Marseille– Class II
SSI Platinum PRO 5000 Diver
ETDS (European Technical Diving School) Advanced Nitrox Diver
ETDS (European Technical Diving School) Rebreather Diver

Film : Features, Shorts, Documentaries, News, Commercials

Video : Magazines, Documentaries, Program Live,

Underwater Photography : Magazines, Books, Commercials


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